Our POPLAR Bark Panels are truly amazing, carefully levered with special crow bars, the bark is literally prized from the trunk of the tree. It is then flattened and kiln dried, cut to size and ready to use.

Bark Species

  • Tulip Poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera)


  • Interior, exterior
  • Residential, commercial
  • Traditional, modern, rustic



  • Standard Grade is 13mm to 22mm
  • Premium Grade is 24mm to 35mm
We carry stock in two different formats

  1. 60cm high x random widths
  2. Single Unique large dimension panels 250cm to 350cm high x 70cm to 150cm wide.


  • The deeply furrowed and rugged outer cork provides the same outdoor protection as our bark shingles while also exhibiting amazing interior acoustical benefits
  • Flattened, kiln-dried, and precision squared
  • Poplar Bark exterior longevity recorded at 80 years / maintenance free
  • Precision squared for ease in installation
  • Kiln dried and sterile
  • ASTM E-84-05 Class B Fire Rated (results available upon request)
  • Meets California VOC Emission Standards
  • Reclaimed Forestry Waste Product