RELIANCE VENEER TIMBER TRADING are proud to announce the sole distribution rights for KERROCK® products in the Middle East.

  • KERROCK® is a solid surface material manufactured by KOLPA in Europe.
  • KERROCK® commands a strong market share in Germany and Northern Europe and is distributed in the USA.

  • KOLPA'S in house design team came up with this concept of a Kitchen for a recent design show all made out of KERROCK®.

KOLPA'S very talented in house design team came up with this concept of a Drinks Bar for a recent design project all made out ofKERROCK®

The hardness of stone, that can be handled as easily as wood or soft metal.

Kerrock can be processed in the same manner as wood, using the usual woodworking machinery. You can use nearly all woodworking processing methods like: sawing, drilling, cutting, grinding, milling, polishing, planing, gluing and thermal designing.

Treatment is simple and produces effective results. Formation of edges and borders may vary, from round ones, flat, rounded up to stylized forms. The excellence of final treatment is exceptional. This is an advantage that has not been demonstrated by comparable material until now.


Ease of caring

Kerrock is popular because of easy cleaning and maintenance, as stains can easily be removed with water and conventional detergents.
It is recommended to use fine abrasives for cleaning to achieve a silky shine and fresh colour.

Cleaning Kerrock

Kerrock is a composite material made from an inorganic filler and a high-quality acrylic polymeric binder, which creates the impression of natural marble or granite.
It is, however, warm, non-porous and treated similarly to timber or soft metals. It can be sawn, ground, polished or thermally treated. Kerrock must be cared for and maintained by means of environmentally-friendly methods. A fresh appearance of your Kerrock product can be preserved by merely following and observing the Kerrock care and maintenance instructions.

From Concept to Manufacture

Mixing, polymerisation, sawing, drilling, routing, moulding,sanding and polishing.
A short video of the manufacturing process.

KERROCK® is available in 4 different formats:

UNICOLOURS      39 different colours

GRANITE              29 different colours

TERACO               17 different colours         

LUMINO                 5 different colours

Sizes available and specification:
Thickness: 6mm, 8mm, 12mm and 18mm
Length and Width: 3600mm x 760mm and 3600mm x 1350mm

KERROCK+ Medical/laboratory.

Between nature and technology. Kerrock+

KERROCK+ Antibacterial, Non-porous and Easy to clean. Resistant to impact, flexible easy to use and pleasant to the touch.

KERROCK+ is definitely a material that completely fulfills all requirements for the equipment of clean rooms, especially in health care, medicine and pharmacy. 

KERROCK+ continuously inhibits bacterial functions during contact as well as their growth and reproduction, yet it is completely harmless to humans and the environment. This was confirmed by tests and analyses of many independent research laboratories around the world.

Kerrock® Lumino.

Ambient illumination of a room with Kerrock Lumino will leave you amazed. A magical show of patterns, colours and light affects the very feelings of our senses and our perception and understanding of the world. It changes our very being.

We have created colours that have a positive effect on people. These are bright, highly translucent colours, which open up new creative possibilities for designers and architects.  They display their full splendour only when illuminated. The play of light is emphasized in those parts that are carved according to your imagination.

You can use it for ambient room illumination with sensual and aesthetically designed lights, for decorating elements of furniture ... It all comes down to your imagination.

KERROCK® has many uses, but because of its unique strength and hardness compared to other leading brands of solid surface material, it is also used for outside cladding of buildings.
This is testamnet to its durability and resistance to outside climatic conditions and because of KERROCKS® thermal qualities it maintains interior temperatures in the summer, therefore creating optimal climatic conditions inside a building.

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