Ziricote Veneered Boards
Ziricote Veneered Boards
  • Logs grow in Southern Mexico through to Guatemala and can reach a height of 30m
  • Ziricote is unlike any other specie, the complexity of grain patterns can defy the imagination and amazing patterns can be achieved though clever book matching. Only Brazilian Rosewood with its Oyster grain pattern comes close.
  • Ziricote veneer has a heartwood that can be reddish brown to gun metal grey to almost black. It has bark veined black lines that streak across the veneer in the most amazing patterns. The contrast of heartwood and sap is a feature designers and musical instrument makers incorporate to maximise the visual beauty of the wood.
  • RELIANCE VENEER hold selected high quality marbled veneer in furniture, door and panel length veneer.
  • Available in a CROWN CUT only.
    • Slip Matched, Book Matched.
    • Available in the following GRADES A and B.
    • Available in our full range as below:
      • 2440mm x 1220mm.
      • MDF
      • MDF MR
      • MDF FR Class 1and Class 0
      • Chipboard P2
      • Plywood ( Birch)
      • Plywood ( Far Eastern)
      • Plywood ( FSC)
      • Marine Plywood BS1088


      • 3,4,6,9,12,15,18,22,25,30,38mm