RELIANCE VENEER has been manufacturing Mahogany (Khaya) Crotches for over 30 years.
Until the export ban on Mahogany Crotches from Ghana in the late 1980's RELIANCE VENEER were the largest manufacturers of Mahogany Crotch veneer in the World with a monthly production of 12,000m2.
Fortunately we still retain a large production of Mahogany Crotches as machinery and technical knowhow were exported to West Africa when a joint venture was formed with a local company.

  • There are many redwoods that pass as Mahogany, but Khaya Ivorensis is by far the best to produce crotches from.
  • Mahogany Crotches mainly come from the West Coast of Africa.
  • Mahogany Crotches are amongst the largest Crotches found and it is not uncommon to produce Crotches that are panel length.
  • There are many different patterns available depending on which part of the tree is being sliced.
  • The outer part of the solid Crotch produces Swirls and as the log is being sliced the grain changes quite quickly from a Swirl to a Rib cage to a Rats tail.
  • The Rats Tail is by far the most difficult and challenging part of the tree to slice as there are varying densities and grain movement all in the same sheet of veneer.
RELIANCE VENEER distribute over 10 different species of Crotch and with an annual production in excess of 120,000m2 per year. This makes us one of the largest suppliers in the World.


RELIANCE VENEER Log yard showing Large Mahogany Crotches.

MAHOGANY CROTCH VENEER PLATE 1 Mahogany "Plain" Swirl Veneer Mahogany Crotch/ Curl Veneer Plate 13
  • Mahogany Hard Crotch Veneer Plate 1 is one of the most beautiful and unique patterns to be found.
  • The Crotch figure is produced just below where the tree forks into two limbs and is a result of the wood that has been confined and twisted between the two limbs as they increase in girth.
  • Crotches are usually between 2' and 9' long.
  • Many trunks do not end by dividing into two limbs of about equal size. If the Crotch angle is too wide, the Crotch is too short to be useful.
  • If the angle is too narrow, the increased diameter of the limbs will imprison some of the bark and thus ruin the Crotch figure.
  • The hard Crotch is by far the most difficult veneer to be sliced and can often have small cracks due to tension in the log.
  • Logs have to be boiled for approx 2 days prior to slicing and the drying of the veneer is equally important so as to minimise any buckling and cracking of the veneer.
  • RELIANCE VENEER holds good stocks of Plate 1 but it is a popular pattern and stocks can run out fast.
  • Mahogany "Plain" Swirl Plate 3 is sliced from the outside part of the Log. At this point the grain has not developed into a swirl yet. This is the softest part of the Log and patterns are wild and random.
  • RELIANCE VENEER holds stocks of Approx 25,000m2 in this Plate. 
  • RELIANCE VENEER has been manufacturing Mahogany (Khaya) crotches for over 30 years.
  • Mahogany Crotch "Rib Cage" Plate 13 is the intermediary stage in the Crotch development after swirl.
  • For every log there will only be a few bundles before it develops into a Crotch
  • RELIANCE VENEER Hold good stocks but they sell very quickly as this is a popular pattern.
Mahogany swirl veneer
  • Mahogany Swirl Plate 14 is an early formed swirl with grain direction just starting to be properly defined giving a wild look in appearance similar to the choppy waves of the sea.
  • Plate 12 is available in small furniture length and table top sizes (120cm+) 
  • Material is also available in door and panel length as well.
  • RELIANCE VENEER hold good stocks in excess of 15,000m2 in this Grade.