Fulbeck Hall
Lincolnshire NG32 3JW

The Fulbeck Walnut

This Magnificent tree was recorded as the third largest in the country.
Although no record exists of the exact date of planting, Its size suggests it was between 300 and 400 years old and would therefore already have been a mature tree when the Old Hall was
The Fulbeck walnut
destroyed by fire and replaced by the new hall, which was built by francis Fane, the younger son
of the Earl of Westmoreland, in 1733.

Over the years many generations of the family and its guests would have walked beneath its boughs. The most distinguished of these was the Duke of Wellington, who was a frequent visitor to Fulbeck hall, drawn by the charms of Lady Georgina fane in the years following the battle of Waterloo.

The Fulbeck Walnut
Sadly blown down in the great storm of 2007, its girth was measured at 271 inches and the spread at 140 feet. Such was its size that specialist equipment was required to dismantle and remove it. It yielded 43 tons of useable timber of such unusual grain and beauty that a record price was achieved.

Mr William Day ( Present owner of Fulbeck Hall)

History of Fulbeck Hall

Fulbeck Hall has been the home for the Fane family for over 400 years. The estate was purchase by francis Fane, 1st Earl of Westmoreland in 1622. Unfortunately the Fane family found themselves on the wrong side of the Civil War and spent 5 to 6 years in Lincoln prison, The Fulbeck estate being repossessed in the early 1670's.
Another Francis Fane built the house as seen today after the original house burnt down in a fire in 1733.