• native specie of the UK and widely distributed throughout the land. 
  • Historically the bows were made out of Yew wood because of the very tight closed grain that gave excellent tensile strength. For this reason many yews were planted but the fruit of the female tree is poisonous and planting the trees was a threat to cattle. Some say that to overcome this problem many Yews were planted in the grounds of churches as they were fenced in. Others say that the reason Yews were planted in Church grounds is because the Yew tree is the tree of life. Whatever the reason it is not uncommon to see individual yews that are many hundreds of years old. They can also be grown to form dense hedges as can be seen in Hampton Court's famous maze.
  • This very popular specie is predominantly used in English style reproduction furniture.
  • RELIANCE VENEER holds large stock in furniture grade.