• Also known as London Plane and as the name suggests it grows abundantly in London, lining streets and parks almost everywhere. The London Plane seems to thrive in the polluted atmosphere in the city and soaks up all the fumes and carbon effortlessly.
  • The timber can grow to a large size and the bigger quartering logs are highly prized for the medullary ray veneer that is found in the heart of the wood otherwise known as Lacewood.
  • The Lacewood effect of the veneer starts with a "Lizard" skin type pattern which is found on the outerside of the tree and as the log is processed a " Crocodile " skin pattern takes shape in the centre of the flitch. This figuring only comprises aprrox 20% of a tree and is the most prized.
  • We have processed many Burr logs into veneer over the years and have sold many outstanding logs One such log yielded 1800m2 of full burr and at the moment we have our eye on a very special log growing in a London park!
  • RELIANCE VENEER hold good stocks of quarter cut lacewood in furniture, door and panel length.