Santos Rosewood Veneer
Santos Rosewood Veneer
Alternative Views:

  • Historically Rio Rosewood (Dalbergia Nigra) was the sought after magnificent Brazilian "Rio" Rosewood specie that adorned the most prestigious projects. When this specie became harder to find in the late 1980's and prices became unaffordable it was replaced in Brazil by Pau Ferro (Machaerium Scleroxylon).
  • Santos Rosewood was originally a specie found in the Santos area of Brazil hence its name but now very little can be found in the area of Santos and is now more commonly found in Bolivia.
  • Santos Rosewood is better known as Pau Ferro in (Brazil) and Morado in (Bolivia).
  • Santos Rosewood shows a wide variance in colour from light tobacco to dark Violet. Grain patterns are usually straight grain and crown cut.
  • Santos Rosewood shows very little uniformity as all logs display different colour and grain patterns. It is very difficult to match 2 logs together such is the complexity of colour and grain pattern. Every once in a while the crown can display the remarkable "Oyster" grain patterns that Rio Rosewood once displayed, This is now rare and hard to find.
  • RELIANCE VENEER holds important stocks approx 70,000m2 of Santos Rosewood in furniture, door and limited selected stocks in panel and Architectural grade.